May 6, 2012
Chai Tea Lattes

submitted by jolismots

When I was little,
and Daddy and I would fight,
I would stamp my feet
scream and cry
lock myself in my room.
I’d write “I hat u daddy”
and his eyes would crinkle
because he knew it wasn’t true.

we’d go out for coffee
we’d get chai tea lattes
and say, “I’m sorry,
I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
We’d finish with I-love-you’s
and lick the foam out of the lids. 

When I was older,
and “Daddy” was one of two
I would go straight to my room
hug my pillow
crawl under the bed
and learn to cry more quietly
and his shoulders would droop
because he didn’t know me anymore. 

I walk to Starbucks
get two chai tea lattes, skim
I whisper, “I’m sorry,
I’m a little absent-minded.”
and the barista eyes me strangely
as I lick both lids myself.

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