May 5, 2012
[Challenge Number Eleven]: Fire

submitted by eppielicious 

A fire burns in my chest, a feeling bumptious and imbued with fervor, fomented by the light in your eye, kindled by the caress of your careless fingers, licking through my body just as flames climb upon their host, destroying and purifying in the same instance, until all that remains is ash and smoke; only in me the fire never recedes, only burns, burns my inhibitions and guards, untamed as it consumes, needing only a douse of cool water to bat away the madness of innumerable passion that stops my penchant filled heard; but I burn, I burn, haphazardly,  until I am assuaged by the innocent and innocuous press of your lips against mine, resurrecting my latent lucidity, pulling me back to reality and into your arms.

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    Mine. For Nikki. One of my best. That it’s one sentence (that was the challenge) made me wanna die.
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