April 30, 2012
Sauna Games

submitted by ethereal-children

Next time, I’ll suggest we go and dance, do some shopping, get a pancake, grab a juice. We won’t enter the pretty tepee, with the lovely tea lights. And there’ll be no casual chat as we change ourselves, giggling with childish innocence and adolescent shyness. We won’t ever have the conversation with the inspiring man who’d built the tepee and we won’t hear the pretty lady sing. The muggy air won’t persuade us outside, nor will our bodies crave cold water. No one would ever suggest it would be easier to just 

to just

undress. His eyes will never grab greedily and without permission at my pre-teenage body. His hands won’t even graze my towel. And I will no longer be touched by his unwelcome gaze, or his violent image.

We won’t go in the sauna, we won’t enter the heat, and I will be pure, clean, innocent once more.