April 22, 2012
[Challenge Number Ten] A Co-Worker’s Careless Cigarette

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"Father, good morning!" says young David. 
“Good morning,” the weary father replies. 

Although Father’s love has been carpentry, it has not been enough to feed him and his son. The despair of losing his wife has waned the love he could share and he hopes that his son can forgive him for being so weak at heart and hold a saw so steady. Father must work at ungodly hours, but his son greets him cheerily every morning. How can he even stand the sight of him? 

“Father, I want to work on a project with you,” David remarks to him over the sloppy eggs Father manages.
Surprised at his son’s wishes, he replies, “If you can find 25 hours in a day, I’d be more than glad to help.”
But even this glimmer of hope excites young David. He smiles to himself over the eggs he is savoring. Father smiles too. 

Desperately wishing for time with his son, Father toils so that he may ask for a day of rest. When he receives his day, he takes David to his workshop and asks what David wants. 
“A chair.”
“A chair?”
“Yes, my friend wants the most eloquent chair for the love of his life and I thought no one would be as good as an artisan as you, Father.”
Stunned, Father has no words. A labor of love. Astrid, will my love for you disappear should I take this task? 
David beams a smile at him. Heartbroken, he complies with his son’s request. 

On his day of rest, Father begins to work. The soft wood bends under his hands. The whirring of power tools vibrate his bones, resembling the chills his spine would create on the late nights with Astrid. The elaborate carvings reminded him of the trees they would brand with knifes. In nature, they were immortalized. The hammering was nothing less than the heartbeats after a heated night - love lingering in sounds. Young David watched his father love, in private ways David had yet to experience. 

Although Father worked, carpentry never exhausted him. It filled his soul with creation and the down of sawdust. David examined the chair with admiration of the hands who made it. Elaborate swirls decorated the chair. From leg to leg, the immaculate security was comforting. It shown with polish under the setting sun. Father felt Astrid’s love. 

The next day at work, Father arrived at his office and with a bow and a card, the chair was at his desk. Before he could collect his feelings, his curiosity bade him to read the card. 

Dear Father,

For the love you have never lost. For the love you have created - both me and this chair. For mom. 


In tears, Father was never aware of his son’s love. Forgive me Astrid, I have left our son alone. He walked out of his office to take a breath. But when he stepped back in, his chair was gone. Their chair was gone. Fires engulfed it.

And as Father’s will broke they engulfed him too. 

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