April 16, 2012
[Challenge number nine]: Waiting for class.

submitted by jolismots

It’s in five minutes. Five minutes is three hundred seconds, but five minuets could last all day. The bench is hard and painful on my butt, I wonder if it works both ways? I wonder, could my butt be hurting the bench, too? I want to ask the girl sitting next to me if she wonders about these things, but she is dressed so nicely and I am as scraggly as ever and I am ashamed. I’m not supposed to judge based on appearances, but I operate defensively — on the assumption that everyone is judging¬†me. I do this to avoid the embarrassment of stepping outside my station. Just like I always extrapolate small things into big things. Always converting things into life lessons that I never follow. But this bench is still uncomfortable, and class is in two minutes, and no one would care even if I was dressed like a queen.