April 1, 2012

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Consistency, the beautiful, boring symmetry of life. As much as people like to be adventurous and push themselves out of their comfort zones, we all need something constant, a slow drip of sameness that keeps our hearts thudding against our ribcages, a strong solid rock to grasp for balance as the rest of the world whirls around us. When you can count on something¬† to be exactly how you expect it to be, it creates a quiet calm, a silent and creeping dependency. Consistency is a safe vulnerability. It can lull you into a stupor of content disarmament, but that puts you in danger of being destroyed by its disruption. Still, I think it’s worth it. Without that ever-present comfortableness, I think we would all go nuts. We need something real to hang onto, to get us out of bed, out of our own heads, to keep our feet on the ground a bit. We would be so lost without our consistency.

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