March 17, 2012
air mattress.

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You’re lying in the bed when I walk in. You’ve curled up around yourself a little bit, your body probably wondering where the heat of mine has gone.

I tread over and pull your sweatshirt off of my shoulders. I throw it into my pile of clothes, wondering if you might let me keep it. The bitter air of the room licks its way up my back quickly, biting at the skin uncovered by my orange tank top. Quickly, I yank off my socks and jeans, stripping down into underwear. The bra goes too.

There’s nothing sexual about me stripping; at least there isn’t at this moment. You’re asleep and I only want to press more of my skin against yours without dragging the chilled fabrics of my clothes beneath the sheets.

I tiptoe over to where you are lying and slide myself beneath the duvet. My feet automatically find yours, rubbing against them and trying to steal some of their warmth. Still asleep, you automatically adjust your body to accomodate mine. Your arms wrap around me and I push my face into the crevace between your neck and shoulders that I fit into so well. I feel your legs scratching against my smooth ones, and I try to slow my breathing until it’s silent.

You sleepily murmur something into my hair and I kiss the skin that’s stretched over your collar bones. You’re so beautiful in this moment; and I know you wouldn’t know what to make of it if I told you you’re beautiful. You’d think I meant your body or your face.

I mean the way that the light falls on your cheek through the gap in the window. The way that the air sounds as it moves in and out of your lungs, elliciting small noises from your throat. The way that your hands are wrapping around mine and clutching at skin. The way that you’re so vulnerable, and so open right now at this moment.

I’ve told you that I love you too many times. I’m starting to worry that it will lose meaning. But I don’t know how else to get this swelling out of my body.

You’re mine, and it’s all I can do to say I love you.

I hope that’s enough.

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