March 4, 2012
base ten, baby

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You and I are always base ten; or at least I’m always base ten in regards to you. I’ll show you.

It took me ten seconds in a group to single you out and to decide that I must impress you, and ten minutes to start thinking about how to get you alone. It took me ten days to lure you into my grasp, and another ten seconds to forget what I’d wanted to talk about.

It took me ten hours that first night to show you myself, and it took you ten seconds to catch up to what I’d done. It took you ten minutes to finish me off.

It took me ten days to think I could love you, and ten more to know I must have you, and it took another ten until we were together. Before then, we spent ten hours in twelve together, probing and questioning and wondering what was behind the pretty face of the other. We spent ten minutes a night in a routine that had me begging for more. It had me begging for more of the same and more of you, and I needed you to give me everything and not just the little pieces I stole.

It took us ten times half of ten days to say “I love you”. And it took me ten times ten reassurances in my brain to remind myself you were real and you felt the same.

It took me ten seconds to screw it all up.

And then, it took ten days of tears to wipe even some of the betrayal off the floor, and you cleaned his spit off my face and said we’d work through it. When I called you that night, you were walking on the beach; you were sort of drunk and I was sort of drunk off the tiny tenth of time you allotted me. But oh god did I miss you; and we spent ten times six minutes on the phone that night while you walked on the beach, and I thought maybe I could get you back.

It took me ten minutes the next day to fix everything in my brain and theirs, and then another ten weeks to show you I was sorry.

And ten times eight days later, it took you ten minutes to peel away every petal from my body that belonged to you.

I guess I’m doomed to another ten times ten years of wanting nobody but you; at least that many years of not knowing what to do with that love or how to keep myself lying low.

But I’ll always love you. Even if only in tenths.

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