January 18, 2012
I guess I finally get it.

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Yeah, I guess I get it now. 

He’s like a fucking fire, burning through and clotting up my veins; and yeah, it is kind of like that drug-addiction simile that people always complain about in songs. He’s like the fucking rain, putting out all of the bad thought fires, cascading down my skin like moonbeams I can feel; and yeah, it’s kind of sickening when I look at him without touching. Yeah, it fucking sucks; yeah, it’s fucking hard.

He’s like being sad all the time and then suddenly there’s this stupidly bright happiness, blinding you and taking away your will to live on your own. It’s sort of like losing yourself, but I guess I’ve sort of been finding myself in him this whole entire time. And yeah, I’m lost again, and I guess he’s lost too, but don’t fucking try to tell me it’s not worth it and don’t even dare to think that things could be different because everything else is a fucking lie and he is so god-damned beautiful.

And yeah, the first time is scary and you get nervous, and yeah it even hurts a little bit. But it’s being so close, so fucking close to him that suddenly


suddenly you aren’t alone;


but then it’s gone.

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